Ben Lee Photoimagery: Blog en-us (C) Ben Lee Photoimagery (Ben Lee Photoimagery) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:41:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:41:00 GMT Ben Lee Photoimagery: Blog 120 80 Rob and Sylwia - Surrey Couple Serve up Sunshine Bertha whistled through the night dropping heavy rain and whipping branches into a frenzy, the mornings weather was truly not looking good, with a wedding ceremony booked for 2.30 all eyes were to the skies, what could be crossed was and prayers said, all that could be done was to wait.

Whilst the makeup was applied, rays of sunshine began to stream through the stain glass rimmed windows;

Everybody ready, it was time to mount up and journey to Lady Margarets Medieval Hall in Honiton a picturesque little chapel hidden in a private small corner of the town;

On arrival, the guests assembled the bride made her entrance, vows exchanged, even a re-proposal, (is there such a thing?)


Photos done and the return Journey to The Belfry in the beautiful village of Yarcombe to be started, there was a little time to take a detour via the Devon lanes en-route for a few extra photos.





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Emma and Mike - Charmouth Cheer Hurricane Bertha held off long enough for a fantastic wedding at Whitchurch Canonicorum Church, apparently the only other church in England to have a saint buried in it, the other being Westminster Abbey. With Mike waiting in the church, Emma made her way to the church in a lovely MK2 Jaguar. The church, known as the Cathedral of the Vale is indeed enormous and imposing, perfect for photography.

Once married, hymns sung, reading read and registers signed, the grounds offered plenty of backdrops for a few shots;

A course for Charmouth seafront was steered and grockle traffic negotiated. A most helpful and polite ticket superintendent then set about helping the parking of the car and even proffered an additional location to be used.

There will be a few holidaymakers with some different photos to show their friends this summer!

So onwards to the delightful Cranberries Hideaway near Axminster for the afternoon and evening fun.

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Lou and Mark - Festival Wedding Fun Streamcombe Farm is in a very rural and stunning setting, situated on the edge of Exmoor and with a remoteness thats gives it an almost desert island feel. Fill it with live music, gorgeous food, a group of friends and family and you have the recipe for a fantastic wedding day. The location boasts on on site chef who's food is just simply divine, a camping meadow for that overnight stay to keep the party going, a babbling stream and surrounding trees to fulfil any outdoor enthusiast's demands and an atmosphere of simplicity and relaxation. Lou and Mark picked a cracker here for their special day and from the off fun and laughter drifted through the valley. With a day that just flowed between events in a chilled manner the images below are without caption or deliberate framework either.

Vince football 10-25-16 001Vince football 10-25-16 001 JIP-Ward-Family-102316-24JIP-Ward-Family-102316-24 image-419image-419 Boathouse-Wedding-934Boathouse-Wedding-934 Maggie Proffitt on Wallstreet Melody, Novice Horse Trials JuniorIMG_1788Maggie Proffitt on Wallstreet Melody, Novice Horse Trials Junior


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Ollie and Helen - A Country Wedding Friday brought us unbelievable sunshine and heat with it, not a day for 3 piece suits!!! Still the fine weather brought cheery smiles as the various guests pitched up to Coombe Raleigh's particularly pretty church. The Groom pitched up in a fine tractor and with the service done they exited to an archway of pitchforks - Rural Devon at it's best!

Ceremony done and the churchyard left behind, the short journey to the mighty fine Deer Park Hotel in nearby Buckerell Village, was made. A stunning country house hotel in the gorgeous East Devon countryside, gave up plenty of photo opportunities in it's various landscaped gardens.

All in all a great day and the introduction of Murphy the dog, a quite special moment and one very smiley little fella who amused all throughout the day!



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Pat and Sean - the Man who wore a Skirt! A blazing hot Monday saw a short trip to Lakeview Manor, a most favourite of locations, to capture Sean and Pats wedding day. Sean, the man who would wear a skirt - By 1pm a joke rapidly running out of legs and favour!!! But it amused many of the guests!

More skirt wearing was to be done by the many gorgeous ladies who attended as well as the lone Piper who played the guests in and the Bride and Groom out.

Children were to form a large part of the day and their presence did not disappoint, family is a very important element to the couple and made up a large part of the day.


One final element of the day that really should have been for the kids but was inevitably hijacked by the adults was the bouncy castle and so why not, we all have that inner child just dying to come out for one last playtime!!!!

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Naomi and Dan''s Wedding - Weather magic With the prediction of Thunderstorms and heavy rain throughout the day, a thought that would fill most photographers with dread, It was with excitement that the trip to Berry Head Hotel, a gorgeous location set by the sea, was made. A rain shower or two was passed beneath and all predictions seemed to be on the money. Facebook was a buzz with news of torrential downpours and the clapping of thunder preceded but beautiful  forked lightening. What a backdrop for some wedding photo's ???

The main decision of the day was not "I do" but will it be outside or inside, with two layups already made, as is the hotels ability in such circumstances, all eyes were on the sky.

Hurrah, outside it was, the sun was daring to split the overcast skies and put in an appearance on this happiest of days.

The Hotel boasts access to a fine set of rocks onto which even the less mountain goat like can manage to pop onto, so with a rapidly lowering tide, full bellies and some wine having been quaffed a return was made to this little playground and a more ambitious path forged. The Sun had by this point made a full appearance and dashed any hopes of a thunderous background but gave equal magnitude to the shots.

All in all a fantastic day and the most unpredicted of weather, the main danger becoming not being struck by lightening or being drenched in a sudden downpour but Sunburn!!!

And so with the sun lowering in the sky, there was time for the last few shots of the day and of course the last dance an event that had to be cajoled out of the couple but gladly so. 


All wrapped up and homeward bound one very satisfied photographer.


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Sarah and Colin's Wedding 2014 Another day, another Wedding and what a fabulous one it was too. Sarah and Colin this time, service at Buckland in the Moor, then with the kind permission of the Manor House owners a few shots in there spectacularly aspected garden before wending our way to The Corn Barn near Cullumpton for drinks and fun.

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Sarah and Ed's Wedding - Cheddon Fitzpaine 2014 The weather forecast for several days before was not favourable, on the day the journey over the Blackdown Hills did nothing to lift my spirits, the rain fell in clumps not drops. Arriving at the Grooms parents house, a mere 500 yards from the church I was confronted by persistent drizzle. After the first champagne cork was popped however the sun shone and despite predictions and skies to suggest otherwise, it stayed put for the rest of the day!

So much fun was had, such beautiful people to work with and such a lovely location to be in, I enjoyed every minute of it.


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Frog Hunting With the blessing of Natural Englands Contracts department the opportunity was given to hunt down a later flowering orchid of which the lack of previous knowledge or sightings would be a hinderance. It seemed therefore sensible to meet a guide at the Martin Down carpark to assist in the locating of these more unusual and rarer of the British Wild Orchids.

So with guide in tow, the journey across the downs was begun, as usual, within moments distractions would dominate from the main event. The flittering of Burnet Moths and the outstandingly pretty Dark Green Fritillary were too much of a draw, the camera was immediately brought to action.

With the guides tapping of feet, the mission was soon back on again and paths forged to the alleged site of the holy grail, the Frog Orchid, it was at this point the information started to appear vague, "the Corner" turned into one of 4 options several hundreds of yards apart. Then, as always in these situations, a period of stationary reflection led to the startling discovery of the very plant being only a few feet away.

It's greenness does lend itself to being difficult to spot but with effort and a little skill it becomes easier!

So the main event achieved further examples were sought, to no avail it has to be said and so consolation species were recorded for the collection and promises made of future return visits to photograph more of the wild orchid species the site has to offer.

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Tic Tock times up - orchid season is nearly over..... So the final curtain is near, the last few summer orchid species are giving it their all for a final burst of summer colour. A great season this year if not a bit earlier than usual. There are a few still to come but they are proving tricky to track down, we will see...

With camera in hand the short trek to Fontmell down was made and a descent through the steep slope of short grass was undertaken, amazingly 6 species were found, though one was marked by seed stems - is that cheating?

Eyebright Self Heal Flowering Grass

Along the way a few scattered eyebrights were to be seen , plenty of Self Heal and flowering grasses. Once on the Valley floor Pyramidals and Common Spotted started to appear with Regularity along with the odd Chalk fragrant clinging on and even fewer Bee Orchids popping up every so often. A few seeding stems of Butterfly Orchid were also to be found as my path took me along the Valley's lower slopes.

Common Spotted Orchid Bee Orchid As yet Unknown as yet unknown

A couple of mystery species were also found, a bit of research should soon reveal their name I'm sure. I followed the path along the left slope through a tree lined path, this was where I encountered my first dinner guests, although they should be titled Dining guests as it would appear I was to be the main course - Ouchy ouchy! The pain was worth it though as at the end the path opened up onto a wide expanse of downland and plenty of the usual suspects - Pyramidal, Common Spotted, Chalk Fragrant and Bee Orchids but then my eye tuned into something new....... a Twayblade, and then another and then as my eyes became accustomed, the landscape was covered in them, mostly gone over but a few good examples still remained.

Twayblade Marbled White on Greater Knapweed Yellow Rattle

Along with all the orchids were also plenty of Yellow Rattle and Greater Knapweed populated with Marbled White butterflies. With images captured I made the arduous journey back through Dinner Tunnel and endured yet more biting things and strode, (huffed and puffed), back up the 1 in 3 slope to the car. Once home, after glancing first on the computer at my evenings hard work I then discovered one more of Fontmell Downs fauna - Tics, I removed some 15 or more from my Torso!!! well worth remembering for the future!

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Orchids of Danebury Hillfort Following a hot tip I hurried along to a new location in the Wiltshire downs, Danebury Hillfort, not far from Stockbridge. A 2,500 year old Iron Age earthwork ring fort and settlement. With a few iffy satnav turns I finally found my destination and a lovely one it looked to. Sweeping grassland running uphill to the fort's rings and ditches, a mixture of short and long grassland and plenty of tree and shrub growth giving a perfect habitat for my quarry.

I found a nice variety of Common Spotted and Pyramidal Orchids and the remnants of Early Purple and Fragrant but not my main quarry - Burnt and Frog Orchid, so with my hopes dashed and phone calls to be made I contented myself with the other flora of the site.

I found many a subject to keep me amused including Broomrape, Yellow Rattle, Field scabious, Red Clover, Elderflower and a selection of grasses. So  with a bag full of pictures and a heart of mild disappointment I left this lovely site and headed for home to go through my hard earned piccies. 

Then, as I drove past Middle Wallop, home of the Army Air Corps I spied some purple in the hedgerow, happy days some enormous Pyramidal Orchids standing 2.5 foot tall in some cases in a dense patch that covered but a few metres. So risking it all, (a man with a big camera and lens on the permitter of an Army base, may not be the safest position to be in!!), I hopped out and snapped a few shots before retiring to a safer distance.

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Graham and Nikki, Huntsham Court Wedding The sun rose up in the sky as I wound my way through the narrow lanes to the stunning Huntsham Court on the Devon/Somerset border and it never left the sky for the rest of the day. Having met up with the happy couple and made a pre wedding scout of the site, this was a wedding I was excited about, finding shots to do was never going to be an issue, finding the time to do them all, was!!!

The venue boasts sublime views, on site church, amazing architecture, beautifully landscaped grounds and the some of the most amazing interior spaces I have ever had the pleasure to photograph.

With 7 Bridesmaids, 4 Ushers, 3 Bestmen and 125 guests I knew I was going to have my hands full. The day however ran extremely smoothly and was very relaxed with a hog roast, outside bar, Ice cream bicycle and vast lawns for people to spread out upon. It was like a giant party in the park, with the informality allowing people to mingle and chill out whilst I set about photographing various groups and portraits.

It really was the most favourite wedding of my career so far, The Bridal party were so much fun and so amenable, the location so stunning and the weather so perfect.

Congratulations and good luck for the future Graham and Nikki


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The Only Way Is Westcountry Despite weather reports to the contrary, the sun shone and the birds sang for Danny and Emma's wedding.

The couple chose to make the long trek from Essex to the lovely West country with 25 friends and family for their wedding day. They had selected the beautiful Lady Margarets Medieval Hall for their ceremony and drinks in the garden for afters before retiring to the Blossom Hill Park for a reception of drinks and nibbles - Hot tub included!

The journey to the lodges was made via the "long pretty way" with a stop on the way for a few intimate portraits of the happy couple and to give the guests a headstart back to the to prepare the buffet and chilled beverages.

Once there, it was all very chilled and relaxed with everyone enjoying the late afternoon sunshine with a beer or two. Once the cake was cut and the dance done I bade my farewells and left them to their evening.

Congratulations Danny and Emma.

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Orchid hunting on the Downs With Sunny evenings to play with and a couple of local sites to investigate, it only seemed right to go wild orchid hunting. With bright sun and gusty winds to battle against I started at Martin Down in Wiltshire. The old rifle range providing plenty of subjects to choose from. Hoary Plantains, Common Spotted Orchids, Self Heal, Chalk Fragrant Orchid and Burnet Moths. The Common Spotted Orchids giving plenty of variety in shape and patternation

Common Spotted Orchid - Dactylorhiza FuchsiiCommon Spotted Orchid - Dactylorhiza Fuchsii Common Spotted Orchid - Dactylorhiza FuchsiiCommon Spotted Orchid - Dactylorhiza Fuchsii Common Spotted Orchid - Dactylorhiza Fuchsii - White variantCommon Spotted Orchid - Dactylorhiza Fuchsii - White variant 6 Spot Burnet Moth on meadow grass6 Spot Burnet Moth on meadow grass 5 Spot Burnet Moths on Chalk Fragrant Orchid5 Spot Burnet Moths on Chalk Fragrant OrchidZygaena Trifolii on Gymnadenia conopsea

Next Came Fontmell Down, slightly mixed skies yielded a bit of shade for photography but the wind was even fiercer than before as would befit it's positioning on the side of a 1 in 3 slope, thus making for interesting opportunities and walking. Here stunning examples of Common Spotted, Chalk Fragrant, Butterfly and Bee Orchid were to be found amongst other varieties and a thriving population of Burnet Moths covering anything floral.

Bee Orchid - Ophrys ApiferaBee Orchid - Ophrys Apifera Common Spotted Orchid - Dactylorhiza FuchsiiCommon Spotted Orchid - Dactylorhiza Fuchsii Chalk Fragrant Orchid - Gymnadenia ConopseaChalk Fragrant Orchid - Gymnadenia Conopsea Greater Butterfly Orchid - Platanthera ChloranthaGreater Butterfly Orchid - Platanthera Chlorantha Common Spotted Orchid - Dactylorhiza FuchsiiCommon Spotted Orchid - Dactylorhiza Fuchsii 5 Spot Burnet Moths on Chalk Fragrant Orchid5 Spot Burnet Moths on Chalk Fragrant OrchidZygaena Trifolii on Gymnadenia conopsea Burnet Moths on Vipers BuglossBurnet Moths on Vipers Bugloss Bee Orchid - Ophrys ApiferaBee Orchid - Ophrys Apifera

Both locations are well worth a visit and I'm sure they have much to offer all year round, if anything for a nice walk to clear to cobwebs.

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D-Day Remembrance at Salisbury District Hospital Salisbury District Hospital was built by the Americans in 1942 during World War Two in order to support Salisbury General Infirmary to treat allied service men injured during the D-Day landings and so it was only fitting that an American Colonel was asked as a special guest to the service. He gave a beautiful speech and the Stars and Stripes adorned the Flagpole whilst men and Women from the Royal British Legion marched their Standards.

Speeches made, prayers said the Last Post was then sounded out by a lone bugler as the American flag was deftly lowered to half mast to signal the 2 minutes silence, before reveille was sounded and the flag returned to full mast.

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Wildflowers in wild weather The great British summer need not prevent you from taking photos of wildflowers. Take a walk into your nearest patch of open ground, park, common, meadow and look at what is under your very feet. 

Wait for the rain breaks, break in the gusts or even ignore the dampness and frame, compose, click! Do not be afraid to get down and dirty, get that low viewpoint and lie on the ground, use a picnic rug, coat or bin bag, the new angle will see your pics shine. Whereas the sun does not need to!

Being out and shooting is better than rueing the weather that is supposedly preventing you from doing so. So few do, means you will likely grab  images nobody else has. Cloudy skies give better saturation of colours, perfect for wildflowers, if your lucky you may well find yourself looking at some of the UK's beautiful wild orchids.

Many Fauna is about too, mostly sheltering from the inclement weather, as we ourselves feel we should be however some can still be found if careful attention is paid - I personally draw the line at slugs!!! 

And while you're out there don't forget to look up, rainy days, especially in the hills tend to give very mixed skies!

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NDP National Finals Stoke on Trent With a nice easy mornings drive up the M5 then M6, (yep thats right, easy drive!), we arrived at Fenton Manor, Stoke on Trent, a place of stories aplenty from Honiton Gymnastics Club's previous visits over the years. This time it was my family's turn to make the trip and participate in the moments to come.

What a venue, nice and big with plenty of scope for getting great pictures of the performances to come in the morrow. it turns out we really were lucky with the traffic, as the other participants had found themselves dead centre of the infamous M5/6's ability to jam up at the touch of a brake light!

So after a nights rest, dawns first rays found us up and at them ready to roll, much in anticipation of a days top gymnastic displays. First up Aimee and Morgan;

With a 5th place finish they did themselves proud, first National Finals as well - top work.


Next Up Emily and Piper, a young pair with plenty to prove before they move up a grade, with a solid showing, what would their score be???


wow, 27, what a score, pair happy coaches happy, then the bombshell, beaten by 0.090 into 4th place, so close, but very proud and well done girls, again a 1st time National Finals, surely many more to come.

Ben Lee ARPS

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Website Launch New website coming soon with print ordering service and client locked galleries for proofing and purchasing!

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