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For the purposes of this document personal data will be defined as physical data such as name, address, email addresses, phone number etc

Photographic data refers to any images that include identifiable people in them


Data Gathering


Personal data such as name, phone number, address and email address will be sought for the purpose of invoicing and contact with respect to any job requested by the client. Photographic data produced from the contracted job will be selectively placed on for the purpose of display, promotion and sales. The gallery/ies can be password protected by request.

Registration details and transaction data when purchasing images from the website are covered by the web hosts personal data policy which can be reviewed by clicking the link in the footer of the website


Lawful Basis


The lawful basis for the data is Legitimate interest as it would be deemed reasonable to expect the photographic data to be displayed on a single website for viewing, marketing and purchase. Safeguards are available to enable private viewing and refusal to publication on the website is an option to the client.


Data Sharing


Your personal data will not be shared with any third parties without explicit consent being sought.

Event organisers are the only exception to this, your images will then only be used according to their Privacy policies

Photographic data will be displayed on  links and images may be shared on Facebook and Twitter feeds belonging to the same website. 

On occasion images may be required for print media advertising including magazines, wall art or press release.

Commercial use of images by a 3rd party will only be considered after full consultation with those in the images or the body representing them and their explicit consent obtained.


Data Retention


Personal data will not be held for more than 5 years

Financial data - Invoicing will be kept for 7 years in keeping with financial and tax regulations

Photographic data will be removed from the website after 5 years

Archival photographic data will be kept on encrypted backup drives for 10 years


Your rights


You may request your images to be removed from

at anytime and archival images to be removed also. This must be done by the individual concerned or those with parental responsibility. Please note that if you appear in the background of an image at an event it is reasonable to expect a photographer to be present at, it is your duty to remove yourself or identify yourself at the time.





You have the right to make a complaint to the ICO if you feel your data has been unfairly handled at the below address


Obligation to provide data


You are under no obligation to provide me with any data. 

You have the right to refuse your photo being taken.

Please note that as a photographer whose services you seek, I will need to contact you, to find you, invoice you, take your picture and send you the link or actual printed images.

At an event I will be expected to take peoples pictures and provide a way for all attendees to see these pictures. If you do not want this to happen please do let me know then and there.


Automated decision making


Non of your data is used for any AI software.